Monday, December 29, 2008

back at it

i got back from my christmas break yesterday and ran off to the studio today. i was hoping to chill out this week and not do any work but with the impending move to penland this weekend, i just knew there was no time for resting. i filled a few orders and then finished my new collection pieces. i have posted a few pictures of my sketchbooks and my many notes-to-self. i don't always do a lot of drawing but i do make many notations. it was more challenging to design and create this year - i definitely feel i'm at a crossroads with my jewelry, both my collections and my studio work. i found my usual go-to shapes and ideas to be uninteresting, limiting, and frustrating. despite that, now that they're all done, i am feeling pretty good about them.

i can feel big changes on the horizon. i am so excited for it and even more excited that i just don't know what it's all going to entail.
thanks for reading.

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