Tuesday, August 26, 2008

item of the week

this week's item of the week is the diskis necklace. i designed a graduated disk necklace in 2001 for a school assignment in which i had to reticulate silver. (reticulation is a technique in which the surface of the metal is melted in a controlled manner. the surface bubbles and ripples creating amazing organic textures.) i am attracted to things that are graduated in size, thus the simple 6 disk pendant from large to small. later, when i created my first collection pieces, i pulled my drawing for that assignment from my sketchbook and designed the focal point of my "diskis collection." this time however, i used a very different technique called "roller printing." for this technique, a rolling mill is used to transfer the texture from a source to a piece of metal through pressure. first, i created a textured metal plate using different hammers and chasing tools that would provide circular marks. once i had covered the surface with tiny dots i ran it through the rolling mill with a piece of sterling silver underneath. the resulting texture was a wonderful relief of circles. i intended this texture to resemble the surface of the moon, but over the years i've had lots of clients comment on what they see when they look at the diskis series' dotty texture, my favorite is "something magnified under a microscope."
i used the same plate for years, by the way. i finally made a new plate this year.

please enjoy 20% the diskis necklace for the week, august 26 - september 1. regualrly $120, on sale for $96.

thanks for reading.

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