Tuesday, May 6, 2008

bon voyage...

i leave for greece tomorrow! i just wanted to write about a few things before i go...

item of the week
is now on hold until i return. i'll start that up again on june 10.

there will also be no guest-star friday posts until i return, unless i can get to a computer. i will try to blog while i'm away, but it all depends on internet availability. please do check back now and again, though! i will resume guest-star friday on june 13.

my studio and office are closed pretty much as soon as i post this entry. you are welcome to visit my site and place orders while i am away, but i will not be able to fill the orders until after i return. thanks for your patience! (i will be gone from may 6-june 1.)

my klimt02 page is now live. please check it out and while you are there, visit some of the other jewelers' pages. there are so many incredible artists to see!

i have a brand new shop that i am very excited about - artstream in rochester, nh. artstream offers a gallery and exhibition opportunities for emerging and established artists, art classes, and media designs services.

...and, finally, here are a few more greek jewelers i've found while researching contemporary greek jewelry.

rallou katsari
sonai riz
mania lyrintzi

loukia richards

bon voyage and, as always, thanks for reading!


jimena said...

Hi! It's my first time here, I've seen your work at klimt, and I love it so I visited your web and here I'm, first of all congratulations!! your work is great I love the line drawings rings! And I've also seen that you have post about my work thanks a lot!
keep in touch

Unknown said...

Enjoy your trip. take care of each other.

you silly metalsmithette.

Erin said...

this is Erin (formerly of Erin & Aubrey, of Fredonia, NY). I'm soo glad you have a blog, because them I can keep up with your fabulousness. I am completely jealous that you are going to greece. I meant to email you before I moved (I'm not sure I ever did-- it was two months ago), because as I was packing I came across two beaded necklaces and a pair of earrings that you had made me in college. sigh.

Unknown said...

Your work is drool worthy. I loved taking a look at the offerings at artstream. Very good stuff!