Tuesday, January 15, 2008

artist studios

i enjoy visiting and reading about artist studios. i just read "birth and present," a collection of photographs of the studio of japanese artist, yoshitomo nara. (i have loved his work ever since i went to see "superflat" at the henry art gallery in seattle.) the photographer, mei morimoto, has taken a series of pictures of the studio and all the things in it, works-in-progress, collections of objects, moments, and, yes, the artist himself, occasionally. the pictures and the point is definitely to bring focus to the workspace, to create a portrait of sorts. (there are brief, yet informative captions in the back.) i like this different view very much. artist studios often have a life of their own. i like seeing what sorts of things the artist keeps close by, how things are organized and arranged. i spend much (most) of my time in my studio and so i try to create a special place to not only make art, but to be. i am still settling into my new studio. i am in the process of decorating my space and customizing my new work bench. pictures to follow soon... also, the lighting in mei's photos is lovely. very soft and warm.

thanks for reading.

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