Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Light on Water

My collection of videos has gotten pretty big since I began making them in 2013. I now have videos from many of the places I've traveled to both in Europe and around the U.S. These pieces show things like light reflecting on water and subtle movements of light and shadow. I see these recordings as materials and would like to use them somehow in grad school. They are stored in a number of places on my computer, mostly in folders and/or in iPhoto and iMovie, as well as on an external hard drive. I'm taking time to organize them into one place, plus a back-up, while labeling them and identifying my favorites. I'm already having trouble finding a few, which is upsetting, but I'm glad I'm doing this job now before things gets more disorganized. Since creating and keeping video is still new to me, I don't have a filing system in place yet, unlike my photos that are well-organized after years of documentation. Being without a studio now seems like an opportune time to do this rather picky work. I'm also creating stills from some of my favorite ones, which I love doing.

I uploaded a few more videos to my YouTube channel, like the one above taken on an island in Sweden's Southern Archipelago in early April, 2014. All videos are works-in-progress and the sound has been removed from each. I will add more in the coming weeks. 

Read more about my videos here.

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