Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year, New Website (and New Studio and New Work!)

I am very pleased to announce my new website! The URL is the same, but the look is quite different. I've been wanting to overhaul my site ever since my last year as a Penland resident artist. Finally, I had the time and resources to do it, and with the help of my friend and graphic designer, Brandon Dawley, I now have a new site--a simple portfolio style with photo sets for each body of work and project. I've also include a set for my Arrangements and some of my favorite Pictures. Brandon and I used Krop and chose the Grid template. It was very easy to use and the process went quickly. Then I spent the last few days detailing it. I'm really happy with the results and hope you will take a few minutes to visit. I will continue to update it regularly with new work and would like to add some of my writing somehow. Please check back for updates…and I will post them here, of course.

As I was walking over to my studio this morning I was thinking about how much is new in my life: so much of it began just a few weeks ago or is happening right now at this very moment! I have a new home and new life, a new studio, a new website, I'm about to make new work…it's a lot of change and it can feel overwhelming at times. But, it mostly feels really, really good and very, very exciting. I look forward to sharing my New Year with all of you and wish each of you all the best in 2014!

Thanks for reading.

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