Monday, January 13, 2014

I am Truly Happiest When I am Alone in My Studio

My studio is looking pretty sweet and I love being in there. There's a lot of stress at home helping to take care of my dad so I find true refuge in my space, probably more than I ever have. I haven't been able to spend much time working, so when I am in there, the time is precious. I now have my beloved Icelandic finds on the wall and in various arrangements, my books are organized and my bench is totally set-up. Today I was able to find two hours of uninterrupted time and I felt so relaxed, so very happy. Being in the studio alone is the best and this new one of mine is a special place already.

The title of this post is my Twitter status from yesterday. It's the thought I had as I stitched and listened to one of my favorite Icelandic bands, HjaltalĂ­n.

Thanks for reading.


Nicolette said...

When there are difficult things happening in life, it is more than a blessing to know your passion and be able to find escape and peace doing it. I can relate to your situation and this entry was kind reminder to me to enjoy those moments of time in the studio. Thank you.

Amy Tavern said...

Thanks, Nicolette. I hope your situation gets better and you find that precious time in the studio and keep it precious.