Monday, October 20, 2008

from penland to seattle

my time at the penland school of crafts ended on thursday. we had a final critique on my students' bezel setting projects and as usual i was impressed with how well they did and even more with how personal they are already making their work. after the crit they presented me with this beautiful charm bracelet that they had been secretly making. it made me cry. my near four weeks as their instructor was just incredible. it was a joy to teach them and i learned a lot myself.

my instructor slide show/artist talk went well. i was very nervous but was able to settle down within the first few minutes. i showed images of my work and things that are inspiring me right now. here are a few images of my inspirations...nicholas de stael, terry winters, and a close-up of a buoy.

today i am off to the west coast for the start of my trunk show tour and right now i am waiting in the tiny asheville airport for my plane to board. it is real early and i am looking forward to being quiet and still on the plane, two things i have not been for awhile now. i have a few days in seattle to start, then head to portland for my show at seaplane. the next day i will travel back to seattle for my show at velouria followed by a few more days to visit with friends. after seattle i head to san francisco for my rare device show and then on to los angeles for my final show at carol young/undesigned as well as a lecture at long beach community college. after all that i head back to penland for the last days of the fall concentration. i am really looking forward to my shows and seeing all my friends again. it's been almost a year and half since i moved from seattle to asheville. this trip is sure to be lots of fun. as for my shows, i'm feeling pretty good about my readiness. i wasn't able to make as much as i would have liked, but i'm guessing it's still enough since i tend to make more than i usually need.

charm by claire buck - gracias amy

thanks for reading.


Jill said...

Darlin'! Your blog is so lovely. I can't believe I didn't follow it before, but before my own 6 year old had a blog, I guess I was a little behind the times. Can't wait for the west coast tour! XOXOXO!

Beckett said...

hi amy! we like your jewelry. plus, we can't wait to see you on halloween in eight days. we'll take you to the academy of sciences and we'll show you the arowana fish and the leaping blennies. I love you and miss you. bye.