Monday, July 14, 2014

Space for Time

For someone accustomed to working constantly and producing lots of things consistently, my deliberate choice to slow down and shift my focus at Sím was challenging. I spent three months there and in all those days I had nothing but time; time to think and process, time to read and write, time to look and rest. I remember sitting in my studio and struggling to relax into this time, though. It was hard to feel good about not making anything. I felt uncomfortable and found myself feeling guilty at the end of the day when I had nothing tangible to show for my efforts. But, I was persistent and I told myself it was ok.

When I arrived at Sím I had a typed list of goals and plans, which I promptly deleted. I tried to go about my day with as little structure as possible, finding the right times to do certain things according to what I felt like doing versus what I should be doing. I read without taking notes and I stopped reading if the topic was not interesting. I also stopped reading to go for long walks when the weather was good.

And I found a way, sometimes awkwardly, to balance my ambition with a slower-pace and to find productivity in a different way of working. I developed ideas and intentions for new work and I dove deeper into why I make art. I did end up making things including photographs, videos and even a full scale-project, but all were made with a very different intention: I made them just to make them. I realize my time at Sím, and in Iceland, was luxurious and precious, and I believe it will provide more than I can possibly imagine in the future.

The pictures posted here are just a few I took around the residency.

Thanks for reading.

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