Wednesday, June 11, 2014

My Hands are in It: Part Two

A few weeks ago I mentioned my videos and now you can watch them on YouTube. One was made in Höfn, Iceland and was made in the U.S. on a train. (I will add more once I figure out a pixilation problem I keep running into.) I still don't know how I will use these pieces, but I've been thinking about projecting different ones on each wall in a gallery to create an immersive space, or perhaps projecting them onto a sculptural installation. 

May 1, 7:58pm

In addition to collecting these short videos, I'm thinking more and more about my photos, which I started to tell you about when I showed "11 Minutes"  at the Sím May resident artist show. Another project I've been working on happened during the month of May, my birthday month. I took a photograph of the sea every day standing in the exact same spot near the Sím studios. I took the pictures at different times of the day whenever I could easily be in that one spot. I missed a few days while I was away for my birthday and another day when I just plain forgot, but this is a diary and I don't mind the missing days. I'm not sure how I will show these images once I'm ready--a long line might be really nice or a calendar-style format with blanks for the days I didn't take a picture. 

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