Tuesday, June 10, 2014

My Hands are in It, Part One

When I first arrived in Reykjavík I met Kathy Clark, an American artist who lives here with her Icelandic family. Her work, usually in the form of mixed-media installation, is like looking at dark fairy tales, rich with narrative and secrets. Kathy is preparing for a solo show at the Reykjavík Art Museum next year and I've been helping Kathy in her studio. Not only am I making things for her, but also talking with her about space and creating pieces that fill spaces. On one of our first meetings, we went to the museum with a diagram of her vision for the show and walked around the room. We took measurements and discussed where things will go. It was very interesting for me to think in this way, on such a bigger scale than I am used to, and to listen to Kathy talk about her work and how it will fit in the gallery. In the studio, I'm making an 8' gate that will be part of one of the vignettes in the show. Kathy drew a scale diagram for me and I have been bending and binding wire to recreate it.

Kathy also runs Wind and Weather Gallery ("Veður go Vindur" in Icelandic). The gallery is a window space, accessible anytime of the day to anyone. It's a wonderful way to connect art to everyone in the city. Kathy is a pretty incredible artist and gallerist and such a wonderful person. In addition to the great work experience I'm getting, I have a new friend whom I am going to miss immensely when I return to the U.S. 

Thanks for reading.

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Hammer and Tongs said...

I am looking forward to seeing the finished vignette, especially your gate, as an ex-miniaturist ((1/12scale) and teacher of miniature metalwork I am interested in seeing other people create the same art