Friday, May 2, 2014

Thank You

"I Live Here Now" closes tomorrow and so I've been reflecting on it even more in the last few days. This morning I started thinking about all the people who helped me with the show and I decided I wanted to publicly thank each of them. So much of what I do in my studio is private and solitary, but there comes a time when I have to reach out to friends and colleagues for advice or to simply think out loud. From talks during dinner to phone calls to Skype sessions to emails to hours of Facebook messaging…from thoughtful conversations to championing me...deepest thanks to all of you.

My friends who participated in "We Walk on the Same Ground"

Catherine Sellergren
Lisa Norton
Allisyn Levy
Kelly Kelbel
Jenna Warburton
Jill Bourne
Janna Marinelli
Crystal Thomas
Shava Lawson

My parents and my brother
Sharon and Robert Tavern and Mark Tavern

Thanks for reading.

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