Tuesday, May 20, 2014

RVK Art, Part 1: Icelandic Artists

I've been going to a lot of exhibitions and seeing tons of inspiring art since I arrived in Iceland. Here's a  nutshell version with links wherever possible so you can check out the work, too… One of the first things I went to see was the top piece by Ólöf Nordal, located in Grandi, Reykjavík's old harbor. I've been wanting to see it ever since I read about it on I Heart Reykjavík over the winter! It's a man-made hill with a path that spirals from the ground to the top, ending with a traditional fish-drying shed. 

dress by Svava Magdalena Arnarsdottir 
Master's Degree show, Iceland Academy of the Arts

I went to the Master's Degree show at the museum last year and was impressed with how sophisticated the work was. This year was equally impressive--I especially liked the clothing, again, and this dress in particular. 

Jóhönna's beautiful black and white video appears to cast a shadow of a window and what's happening outside it. The images slowly move around the room just as light and shadow would during the day.

Inga's intricate line drawings on fabric combine different scientific drawings to form unusual narratives.

The Remains by Katla Rós Völu-og Gunnarsdóttir 
Master's Degree show, Icelandic Academy of the Arts

I absolutely love this piece by Katla Rós: an installation about her mother who died recently. The piece includes all of her mother's possessions in a tall stack of shrink-wrapped boxes, complemented by photographs and letters arranged on the surrounding walls. 

I created a special album on Facebook with more images from even more exhibitions and galleries. You can visit it here.

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