Wednesday, June 12, 2013


traditional Icelandic costume with jewelry

I finally made it to the Textiles Museum and the Textiles Center in neighboring Blönduós. The museum was closed for the winter until June 1 and I've been trying to get some time with the very busy Jóhanna Erla Pálmadóttir, director of the Textiles Center. What an amazing day it was! I went to the Textiles Center first and was greeted by intern/artist and my new friend, Ashley Lamb. She showed me around the Center which was once a school for women and now serves as an artist residency. The building is lovely with original furniture and beautiful light. Then I met Jóhanna and we had a nice talk and organized the embroidery class I will teach there next week. (More on that tomorrow!) After a long walk around town, I went to the museum and was blown away. I had read that it was a great place, but I really had no idea. So many exquisite things: traditional costumes complete with jewelry, more historical clothing, lace and embroidered pieces, blankets, tapestries, more jewelry, and wonderful antiques. I was overwhelmed and quite moved--to be in Iceland working on embroidery and to visit a place like this, as well as the Textiles Center, is incredibly meaningful to me.

weaving looms at the Textiles Center

some lovely chairs at the Textiles Center

the Vatnsdæla saga tapestry, a project of Jóhanna's at the Textiles Center--anyone can help stitch and I will make my mark next week

a contemporary installation at the Textiles Museum

thimble and case at the Textiles Museum, part of the collection of objects that once belonged to Halldóra Bjarnadóttir

antique lace at the Textiles Museum

I will go back to the museum next week to spend more time and really look closly. The hour and a half I allowed there just wasn't enough.

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