Monday, June 3, 2013


I completed my embroidered piece on Friday. I estimate I worked on it about 28 days and just over 200 hours. This is the longest I've ever worked on one piece and also the first time I've worked on only one piece instead of several things at once. (I did make those wool necklaces in tandem, but I consider those a fun exercise.) I'm happy with the final composition but as per usual I feel detached from the work. This happened after I completed both solo show bodies of work, too. It's a strange feeling and difficult to describe. I wonder if it comes from simply becoming so close to one's work after being with it day in and day out and the deep focus that occurs during the process. I may never figure it out, but now that I am feeling it for the third time, I'm at least beginning to accept it as a natural part of my process. Anyway, as I said, I am happy with the piece and I am also excited that I accomplished my goal for the first month here at Nes. I'm now working on a title and accompanying statement and will post those for you when they are ready.

Take a look at the near daily progression on Flickr here.

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