Friday, January 8, 2010

the return of guest star friday...#46, sarah abramson

today marks the return of one of my favorite things to write about, guest star friday. i took a break from writing the GS posts for months, but that doesn't mean i wasn't looking for or collecting them. now that i am in a very contemplative mood, i love looking at the work of others more than ever - it helps me to get inspired and to learn. plus, i just love sharing jewelry that i think is incredible with you. so, my GS posts are back! i love the work of today's guest star, sarah abramson, and i am sure you can see why - graphic compositions, abstract shapes, sculptural forms...all things i love in contemporary studio jewelry. sarah is taking 2 dimensional drawings and turning them into sculpture for the body - each piece is simultaneously static and kinetic, organic and architectural. the images on her website are protected so i am not able to share more with you - please be sure to visit her website to view her entire body of work. (the two images posted here were found at the MAD museum website.

thanks for reading.

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