Thursday, August 13, 2015

Pearl Stories, No. 5

Claire MacDonald from Toronto, Canada sent me a teardrop-shaped pearl in the most beautiful pinky-peach color. It had a delicate gold bail attached, too, evidence that it was once part of something. The letter inside the package detailed how it had been an earring and half of a pair given to her by an aunt a few years ago on her birthday. She described how the earrings had quickly become favorites. She also mentioned how as a jeweler she doesn't wear much jewelry but when she does, she chooses pieces that have "sentimental value, or nostalgic meaning," points I can relate to. These earrings, worn almost daily, were special. She continued that one of the jump rings would come loose and she would temporarily loose one of the pearls from time to time. However, somehow, she would always find it, repair the earring, and wear the set once again. Unfortunately, the last time this happened, just a few weeks before I announced my Pearl Piece, she lost one of the pearls for good. When she read my post about collecting pearls from people everywhere, she "couldn't think of anything better than to send the lone remaining pearl to [me]." Now this single pearl is once again a part of something.

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