Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Pearl Piece, Extended

Yesterday I told you my solo show, Persistence, has been rescheduled for October. I also wrote that because I have more time, I have reopened my call for pearls. The original call began in February and when I returned from Iceland there was big stack of packages waiting for me. More have arrived since and I have been overwhelmed and humbled by the generosity inside each box and padded envelop. Even today, two more packages were waiting at the post office! If you are still interested in being a part of this new sculptural work, please send me a pearl. I only need one, but multiples are welcome. In fact many people have sent more than one, but please don't feel you have to as well. I really only need a single pearl... and again, real or fake, white or off-white, drilled or not. The call is now open and ongoing!

Amy Tavern
P.O. Box 1895
Richfield Springs, NY

Thank for reading.


Catherine Chandler said...

This makes me so happy. I was really bummed about missing that deadline! I'll be mailing something out tomorrow <3

enricap said...

Me too! I really wanted to send one but didn't manage with all the Munich craziness going on!