Monday, February 9, 2015

In Between Continues

Image taken by Andrzej Broda

In Between has been on view at Wind and Weather Gallery for just over a month now and will continue its run through February 26. I went to visit it for the first time since returning to Reykjavík the other day. It's always so nice to see work on display again. It's like see an old friend or something. 

In Between is included in the Reykjavík paper, Grapevine, which was so fun to discover. I knew it might happen but was pleasantly surprised upon finding it.

I'm also still collecting images of the piece taken by viewers, like the one pictured at the top taken by my friend, Andrzej Broda. I would like to get more, so again, if you happen to be in Reykjavík on holiday or live here, please do take a look and snap a quick photo. You can email it to me at The gallery is located at Hverfisgata 37, just past the corner of Klapparstígur.

Thanks for reading. 

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