Monday, April 28, 2014

Only a Few More Days

detail of Island of 14,264 Days

"I Live Here Now" closes this Saturday. It's hard to believe, and I do feel a little bit sad; all that work, effort, emotion, and then it's over just like that! However, all that work, effort and emotion was worth it, every little bit of it. I am so happy with this work, the process and the exhibition. The ideas and pieces developed in this beautiful, natural way with both difficult challenges and rare moments of clarity. As a whole, it feels like my best work and it also feels like the beginning of something even better.

Necklace No. 3 from Alone/Together

Since 1882, Since 1976

If you live in the Gothenburg area, I hope you will visit Four to see the show. If you don't live there, I please visit one of the following links to view the entire body of work:




Necklace No. 7 from I Can Only Stay Away for So Long

Lost and Found

"I Live Here Now" closes Saturday, May 3.

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