Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Drawing, Permanence, and Place

Back in May I participated in my first enameling exhibition at the Shemer Arts Center in Scotsdale, AZ. The show, "Heat Exchange" included the work of enamelists from around the world and was curated by Elizabeth Turrel, Beate Gegenwart, and Melissa Cameron. After the show ended in Arizona it traveled to Erfurt, Germany and then traveled again to Ravenstein, Netherlands where it is currently on view. Elizabeth sent me some photos of the show at both places and I have posted a few for you now. It's an incredibly gratifying thing to see one's work travel...
Kunstmuseen der Stadt Erfurt
 a view of Erfurt

Museum Voor Vlakglas, Ravenstein

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Karola said...

It was quite nice to see the exhibition and your jewellery in my hometown in the summer. The world is rather small, no?!