Monday, April 30, 2012

In the Mail via Heat-Exchange

I finished the work just a few days ago and sent it off after a bit of a struggle to complete it. I often drag my feet at the end and this time around was no different. It’s those small details that cause me to procrastinate. Anyway, I am pleased with the final pieces…I also wrote a short statement which I am really happy I did. It helped me to make sense of it all. I have posted it below.

“These works are about singular moments collected while observing the winter landscape around my current home in North Carolina and my childhood home in New York State. The moments were solitary and quiet; some deliberate, others accidental. Through a process of experimentation with liquid enamel on steel, I reinterpreted and captured these moments, presenting them in ghostlike translucency, as echoes of the memories. Each enamel piece is also accompanied by found objects that are aged and worn. When arranged together, the enameled and found objects establish a narrative for the recollection of my observations.”

I posted more images on Flickr, including some details.

Thanks so much for reading.

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