Friday, June 10, 2011

Guest Star #83...Christina Pauls

Today's Guest Star is Christina Pauls. After spending a lot of time embroidering, Christina began to focus on the pattern of the holes where the stitches go instead of the stitches themselves. Now she thoughtfully combines textiles techniques with metalwork. The holes suggest an original embroidery pattern while also hinting at the shape of a faceted gemstone. I love this vestigial nod to the embroidery, the redefining of the holes, and the use of negative space as the focus. She also has a fascinating series of brooches that are embroidered directly on clothing using hair.

Christina also has an intersting blog in which she has featured textiles in many forms and other incredible design that focuses on line.

Thanks for reading.

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Melissa said...

Fabulous artist, really love the hair brooches. Thanks so much for sharing.