Friday, January 21, 2011

Guest Star Friday #68...Jantje Fleischhut


I found today's Guest Star, Jantje Fleischhut, yesterday while I was reading an interesting post on the Lark Crafts blog, "Realism in Jewelry: Still Life" by Marthe Le Van. I loved the topic and accompanying images, among them the work of Jantje. Her website includes a vast selection of work divided into collections, many of which include images of her inspiration--for example the collection "Neighborhood" includes pictures of buildings and stacked shipping containers (see "B270" below). There are also pictures of her studio and materials archive. I like her clever use of plastics, the way she arranges the varying shapes and colors in each piece, and her quiet attention to detail. I get the feeling that she is telling a story in each collection.


"Ursa Minor"


You can also visit her blog which features her contributions to Redlight Design in Amsterdam.

Thanks for reading.

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