Tuesday, June 22, 2010

enameling part 7

at one point during the session several students took a trip to the local scrap yard to find discarded, but usable steel scraps and objects to enamel. they brought back several buckets just full of treasures and everyone got to pick and choose some pieces to experiment with. after enameling just a few of my pieces, i got really excited: this was serious instant gratification for me. i then enameled some more and after enameling all of them, went to my own studio to grab a couple rusty objects from my collection. i tried powered enamel instead of the liquid as i thought they would be the perfect vehicles to try out color. the plan was to work in layers, starting with a pale, nearly white shade of blue. i thought i would add bits of color to each piece in a second round of firing, but after seeing how lovely they were as is, i couldn't bring myself to go further. these pieces will become jewelry, too, at some point in the future. i'm thinking i will add color with some kind of fiber...

more details of the individual objects on flickr.

thanks for reading.

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