Wednesday, November 19, 2008

hurray for north carolina!

i am finally home from my west coast trunk show tour. i got back late last wednesday and immediately went to penland for the end of the fall concentration session which included the scholarship auction and show and tell. i loved being back with my students! it was so wonderful to see them again, but was sad to say goodbye so soon after returning. i really wish i had had more time with them.

the day before i flew back east i gave an artist talk at long beach city college in long beach, ca. i talked about my work and career and then gave my snag conference presentation. the talk became a lively conversation between me and the students with them asking questions as i went through my topics. the metals studio at lbcc is excellent. you can see pictures here. afterwards i spent time with kristin beeler, the associate professor and program coordinator, who was a lovely and generous hostess.
now i am very, very happy to be home. the trip was great and my trunk shows were successful, but it was also long and tiring. for the last couple of days i've been digging myself out from under a huge pile of mail, email, and studio work.

i'm looking forward to taking a little break in a few weeks for christmas.

thanks for reading.

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