Sunday, January 13, 2008

my very first post

hello and welcome to my blog. this is my very first post. i was planning to do this a week ago, but i've been procrastinating. this blog thing is strange to me. a bit daunting. it's hard for me to talk about my work generally, so the idea of writing about it in this format is just plain weird. but here goes...i will be writing about my work, my interests and inspirations, and upcoming events and news. i will also talk about other jewelers' work on occasion. i know some very talented people and admire a bunch more. i would love to share them with others.

so what's happening now...? i just finished designing all my new collection pieces for the spring. there are new shapes and styles in each collection and more gold pieces. these new items will be available for viewing and buying on march 21. i will probably give a sneak peak in february once the new photos are ready so stay tuned. i have also decided what to "retire." you can find these on my website now with a little note in their accompanying descriptions. it says something like "retired - only available until the end of january." i am also in the process of going as green as i can, meaning i am now only buying conflict-free silver and gold sheet metal and wire (i already use conflict-free stones), using as little paper in my office as possible (i heart my mac's "stickies") and only using recycled paper when i do. i am trying to find an alternative to my printed wholesale line sheet, too. the solution will be in the form of a cd or perhaps an online something or other. i have also switched to a few safer and more environmentally friendly chemicals in my studio. i'll keep adding to this list...

ok. that wasn't so bad. thanks for reading.


Kelly said...

Welcome to blogland Amy!

B&B said...

Nice to see you here! I look forward to your updates. Amy

E. Cole Duffell said...

hi amy. i am going to check out the retirees right now! ecd